Wholesale Marketer Membership

CDofOK serves as a liaison and provides its members with representation and a common voice...

  • In the state legislature, where the association's legislative consultant works on your behalf and provides up-to-date information on all legislation affecting our industry;
  • Before state regulatory commissions and officials, often negotiating compromise positions; and
  • With the news media, where a united voice has greater credibility.

Members have a greater impact on issues than one individual or company can have.

CDofOK provides you and your employees with:

  • Educational programs, business-related seminars and conventions;
  • Access to information and ideas already put to the test through networking with other successful distributors;
  • Publications and reports prepared with your specific business needs in mind; and
  • A professionally run association office that functions on behalf of its members, allowing them to devote their full attention to their individual businesses.

Members benefit from these programs and share the cost of a knowledgeable staff with expertise in all areas of association management.

CDofOK sets high standards for the industry and urges all members to comply with them through:

  • Affiliations with regional and national organizations promoting the same high standards;
  • Sponsorship of philanthropic projects and offering college scholarships to deserving students who are affiliated with the industry; and
  • Promotion of responsible business practices through individual investment of time, energy and resources.

Together, Oklahoma Wholesale Marketer Association members can - and do - make a difference!

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Associate Membership

By joining the Convenience Distributors of Oklahoma as an associate member, you (and others in your company) will receive many benefits that include:

  • High visibility to CDofOK member companies;
  • Periodic news articles pertinent to our industry;
  • Discounts to CDofOK events;
  • Government relations services provided by WGRC, Inc.;
  • Annual convention registration at the lower membership rate;
  • Legislative updates and alerts during the Oklahoma legislative session;
  • Listing of your company on the CDofOK website; and
  • Exposure to supplier members and CDofOK Board of Directors.

The CDofOK also acknowledges the importance of CDofOK suppliers by having four associate member voting seats on the association’s board of directors.

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